Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Canada Study Visa Requirements

About 130,000 students from all around the world come to Canada to study every year. This country has 92 universities and 172 community colleges. One of the best universities belongs to this country as the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, McGill University and University of British Colombia. These universities provide latest infrastructure and advance research. If you do not live in Canada then you need a visa to study there. You can apply for study visa after registering in Canadian institution. 

Student visa applications and approvals give a quick response to the foreigner student than any other country. Canadian schools and colleges provide similar courses. You should take time to see the colleges and universities and the courses which they provide. You can also consult to the university administration and find what exactly they want you to do in order to take admission in their university. 

Most of the universities in Canada offer courses in English, French or both languages. You have to show the fluency of that language that is required for the university where you applied. For English language, you have to pass the specific TOEFL exam, but for French language you have to prove the fluency through the given method of university. There is no standard test session for French language. Universities and institutions of Canada are known all over the world and its certificates are equivalent to the universities of UK and USA. In UK and USA studies are most expensive than Canada.

Living expense is also lower in Canada than any other country in the world. If you want to study in Canada for a short period like six months, then you need only visa to enter in the country. If you are planning to study for a long period, like one year or more than that, you will need a study permit. Study permit and visa can be applied when you are outside the country. 

First make your plan for study because if you did not apply for study permit and want to continue your studies after six months course in Canada then you have to leave the country. Health insurance is also required for the foreigner students, but it is very cheap at cost than USA. In USA, you have to pay 1500$ or more monthly for medical insurance, but in Canada you only have to pay 400$ or 500$ per month.

Post-graduation work visa is also for students who want to work after their studies in their require fields, to get work experience. Students can also get an opportunity to work while studies as part time job. It helps them to manage their expenses. Work experience also counts and become an essential part of the curriculum in universities of Canada. Most of the student prefers to study in Canada because it is a peaceful country. Crime rate is very low in this country and it is strictly prohibited by authority. Students feel safe to study in Canada than any other country in the world.

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